The report Digital New Zealanders: The Pulse of our Nation focuses on what it means to be a digital New Zealander. It identifies numerous initiatives in New Zealand, some of which have been operating for nearly 20 years.

The key findings that have informed the recommendations in this report are:

  • New Zealand is facing the same digital challenges as other comparable countries.
  • There is widespread agreement about the groups who are digitally disadvantaged.
  • New Zealand is ranked amongst the world leaders in terms of digital infrastructure but is behind in terms of internet affordability.
  • Consistent with the experience of other countries, the digital agenda now needs to widen to include motivation, trust and skills.
  • A priority is to support intermediaries who are already delivering educational or social services to digitally excluded people.
  • A unifying framework is necessary to align the efforts of investors in digital inclusion initiatives and avoid duplication.
  • This framework needs to be developed in consultation with the digitally disadvantaged.
  • The framework must prioritise the establishment of an evidence base for digital inclusion in New Zealand as well as funding models.
  • The Government’s social investment approach provides a mechanism for engaging government agencies and achieving social change.
  • Positive economic, social and educational outcomes can be expected from such an approach.