Face to Face with Digital Exclusion: A CAB spotlight report into the impacts of digital public services on inclusion and wellbeing

A report undertaken by Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) ‘Face to face with digital exclusion’ puts a spotlight on digital exclusion in New Zealand, particularly looking at how digital public services are impacting on inclusion and wellbeing.

It provides insights taken from the analysis of over 4000 CAB client inquiries where issues of digital exclusion were identified.

For the purposes of this report, digital exclusion has been framed as situations where people face barriers to participating fully in society because of information and services being online.

Using the stories of CAB clients, the report puts a spotlight on the realities of digital exclusion in New Zealand.

It looks at the experiences of people who come to the CAB for help, and who are struggling because the information and services they need are increasingly located online.

The report focuses on people’s interactions with government agencies.

This is about recognising the particular responsibility the state has towards its citizens and the human rights implications for people when the systems of government impede access to entitlements or put obstacles in the way of fulfilling obligations.


Source: CAB

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