Digital Enablement Oversight Group (MoH) Gap Analysis

The digital enablement programme located within the Ministry of Health identifies, supports and commissions new and innovative ways people can access health care through digital means.

One of the main focuses of the programme is to increase digital equity, so Māori, Pacifica, and those who traditionally have not engaged with health services have the same level of access to services as others.

A gap analysis was carried out by the digital enablement programme. It aimed to help the Digital Enablement Oversight Group, which advises the programme, to better understand digital enablement needs, what the gaps and barriers are, and how to address them.

The digital enablement programme has representatives from the Ministry of Health, Cancer Control Agency, NZ Telehealth Leadership Group, consumer representation, and Māori representation.

The DEOG works in partnership with Te Rangapū Tiriti, sharing power in decision-making, planning and monitoring across critical digital enablement projects (partnership projects).

The DEOG and Te Rangapū Tiriti provide advice to the Ministry on effective and equitable ways to increase digital access to health care, as well as supporting information sharing and collaboration, and monitoring outcomes. They seek to align priorities and work programmes across the sector.

The gap analysis aimed to help the Digital Enablement Oversight Group (the oversight group/DEOG) to:

  • understand digital enablement changes already made and their sustained impact
  • understand the remaining gaps, barriers and how to overcome them
  • agree strategic objectives for the digital enablement program
  • target funding so it will have the most significant and sustained impact on health equity and transforming healthcare
  • direct strategic effort in health and influence it in other relevant sectors


Source: MoH

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